Haida group has become the safe enterprise

Along with the continuous development of the Haida economy, security management and peace building has become increasingly important, stable social order, safe production environment is necessary condition for the development of enterprises. 07 years is a very important and critical, the Party Congress was held, for social development and further pointed out the direction; "Chang'e-1" was successfully launched, to further enhance the status of international Chinese.

Haida group strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, actively implement the higher Party committees and governments of various opinions, grab get right on the job really, to strive for peace Haida, harmonious Haida. "

A target.

In the beginning of the "comprehensive management of public security and the construction of safe work meeting, clearly the Haida group 07 years of comprehensive management of peace building objectives. Thoroughly the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th plenary session and the city's political and legal work conference, to keep up with the pace of the government, in response to the call of the government, to ensure social stability, promote social harmony, to lay the foundation for sound and fast development of the Haida economy.

Two, responsibility.

"Haida comprehensive management, to create a safe work leading group was established, you Cai Xu, chairman of himself as a leader and, general manager of the company and each major department person in charge of deputy head, the office director of governing bodies of the crew. The level of responsibility, establish corresponding management system, to carry out the work, in order to protect the development of the haida.

Three, strong preparation.

Group company in order to strengthen the comprehensive management of peace building, on the basis of the original UNPROFOR personnel continue to strengthen the power, to recruit more security personnel, the Haida existing UNPROFOR personnel 51, equipped with motor patrol, day and night in each branch and Xinhua District Court patrol, maintain security, fire, theft, robbery, effective deterrent the criminals criminal psychology. Each branch specially set up the safe production manager, is responsible for the daily production safety work.

Four, regular inspection report.

Group company to organize related conferences, the practical problems met in practical work nearly phase of the company informed and based on a number of factors, is expected to new situations and the corresponding response and handling measures. The working group is not regularly to various departments, the branch inspection, supervise and urge its elimination of security risks, supervision of the implementation of the company's safety production measures, and acceptance of the results.

Five, give play to the advantages of publicity, strengthen safety awareness.

Enterprise publications "Haida culture" as the main body, followed by the company publicity column, blackboard newspapers and posters, slogans, workshops, team safety measures are on the wall, composed of strong public positions, so that employees fully aware of the social order necessary, safe production and the importance of, and actively participate in the, for the maintenance of a harmonious society with all your heart and with all your soul for enterprise safety in production effort. In the months of production safety, the group organized by the office of the "production safety knowledge contest", "fire drill", safe production essay "activities to further deepen staff awareness of safe production of enterprises, establish a" production must be safe and in order to secure the benefit "concept of the production.

Six, increase special funds to achieve the kejichuangan.

So far, a total of 82 pieces of Haida installed by the person responsible for monitoring the probe. Install infrared alarm 2, motorcycle patrol 8 units, the size of a fire extinguisher 941 only, fire hydrant 152, fire sandbox 264 directly for the total value of the safety of UNPROFOR has more than 500 million yuan. With the continuous development of science and technology, the data is about to continue to rise.

Seven, staff accommodation and labor security.

In order to allow employees to fully enjoy the fruits of development of the enterprise, group company built the dormitory greatly solve the worries of foreign workers, the migrant workers living, centralized management, fundamentally solve the unstable factors. Income of employees to more than 20% annual growth rate. Labor insurance benefits payment in place, the Chinese Lunar New Year gifts to warm the heart. All participants meet the conditions, and with the implementation of the new "labor law", the Haida will rapidly increase the number of insured.

Eight, to ensure safety, promote harmony.

Through their own efforts and with the town comprehensive management office, safety, fire defense, public security and other departments in close collaboration, Haida group in 2007 without the occurrence of any major events, no criminal cases occur, no drug-related personnel.

Economic development, social stability is the guarantee, safety is the key. Haida group to be in town comprehensive management office under the leadership, with the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as a guide, implement the Party committee and government requirements, combined with the actual development of enterprise, create a safe enterprise. In future work, as always, pay attention to comprehensive management and peace building work, for the continuous development of social stability, the enterprise service for social harmony and people's happiness diligently.

Comprehensive management, peace building go15!