Outstanding entrepreneur bumpy journey

How to be a successful entrepreneur? We often saw only entrepreneurs successful, there is no thought of success behind has experienced many ups and downs, many ups and downs, the reason for the successful, and the external is the foundation, while the inner is the key, inside and outside of the application, both benefit is the road to success.

Although the outside world to help entrepreneurs is very necessary, but the entrepreneur's ability to respond to the crisis is more important. The so-called entrepreneur, from its origin meaning, is the courage to take risks and responsibilities, and to create and lead a cause of the people. Entrepreneurs who have no other groups of two characteristics: first, the courage to take risks; the two is the courage to assume responsibility. Especially current social economy is in financial crisis under, the innovation ability of the entrepreneur is certainly more important, there is no innovation, not to the market keen judgment, no team leadership is enterprises and entrepreneurs can not do, at least not become an outstanding entrepreneur. But no matter how well prepared you are, in the face of uncertainty in the market and the environment, there will be a moment of carelessness.

In fact, entrepreneurs almost every day are faced with uncertainty, faced with market risk: opening a new business into new areas, all kinds of external and internal relations, which do not good, may come to naught. Therefore, entrepreneurs must have the ability to bear the risk, the courage to bear the responsibility for mistakes or failures. Without this, you may be a good manager, but not suitable for entrepreneurs, or do not entrepreneurs. In terms of the probability of business failure, the entrepreneur is the embodiment of risk.

Entrepreneur's ability to bear and bear risks and responsibilities, related to a person's courage, but more with confidence. The more in a crisis, the more confident the more. As the core and soul of an enterprise, the entrepreneur's confidence is not only a magic weapon to overcome the difficulties and overcome the crisis, but also a social responsibility, which is conducive to enhancing the confidence of the whole society. If a business has lost confidence, the behavior of enterprises will be conducted through the upstream and downstream industry chain as a common behavior, the risk of resonance, thereby causing damage to the confidence of the whole society and economic behavior. But faith is not out of thin air, the confidence of entrepreneurs from the situation calm observation and judgment, and the rational cognition of their own.

Self-discipline, generous to others; victory is not arrogance, defeat is not hungry; normal state of mind and panic; Thanksgiving Xiyuan, return to the community; "is characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. Especially the business from scratch, it is due to their tough extraordinary perseverance, from their enterprises, from scratch, from small to large. From bitter to sweet, grow up, also have their own shoulder bear psychological and physical pressure. Which is why than the difference between ordinary people. This is unique to our Haida Group Chairman Mr. You Cai Xu glorious journey of a part of history.