Jiangyin city administrative service center leadership in the Haida investigation

August 17, Jiangyin City Administrative Service Center Director Gong Zhendong rate of administrative examination and approval center window nine leaders of more than 20 people, to Haida group investigation. By the Haida Group Chairman Xu Youcai warm reception.

Chairman Xu and Huashi town deputy mayor Yin Zhongxiang accompanied by other leaders visited the sea Dakema strip, Haida special leather, Haida aluminium profiles, and other products of the factory area. The central leadership to visit all highly praised Haida factory beautiful environment.

Huashi town Party Secretary Fang Guoliang, mayor Zhang Zhong attended the forum.

Haida Group Chairman you Cai Xu spoke highly of the service center leading into the enterprise, understand business to help enterprises to the idea of serving the people, which fully embodies the leadership of Jiangyin "truth-seeking, pragmatic and people-oriented" servant of the behavior, is the practice of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Three Represents important initiatives, in order to promote the development of harmonious Jiangyin. Xu Dong said the Haida development can not be separated from the Party leadership, can not be separated from the support of governments at all levels, our achievement is you, is the social. Haida will pay go the road of scientific and technological innovation, striving to be the brand benefit, abide by state laws and regulations, the full environmental protection to enhance the sense of priorities, seize the opportunity to get a clear understanding of the situation, to implement the scientific concept of development, achieve enterprise sound and rapid economic development, to promote the development of a harmonious society and make unremitting efforts.

Secretary of the Fang Guoliang headed toward the centre can into the Huashi expressed heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to, and to all the informed the town enterprises development. Party secretary said that the Haida is a microcosm of development of town, city and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, in a short period of time has made rapid, which in addition to their own efforts, can not be separated from the concern of the party and the government, but also inseparable from the support of the administrative service center. Haida this year will strive to win the laurel of "well-known trademark", with the previous "Chinese famous brand", "national inspection free", "province famous brand" and other honorary connected brand group, enhance the core competitiveness of products in the market; Haida enterprise of environmental protection to grasp the real work, well done, beautiful environment, flowers and row sewage waste have standards; labor and social security system performs well, the strength of the team, enterprise culture construction effect is good for Huashi enterprises set a good example.

Administrative service center director Gong said, service enterprises, to serve the people is the purpose of the center, the requirements of the enterprise, the enterprise, the people's voice is in the direction of the center. Into the enterprise is to listen to the views and suggestions from the grassroots, to further strengthen their own construction, improve service quality, and strive to build the people's satisfaction center, to complete the mission of the party and the people. Director Gong praised the ocean made brilliant achievements, he said, Haida is the success of the enterprise, not only products visibility high integrity, good, excellent quality and plant a beautiful environment, staff was full of spirit, wear uniform, hardware and software facilities in place. This enterprise is Wallace pride, Jiangyin is also proud of. Haida or the responsible enterprise, the staff with the truth, high wages paid on time, labor and social security in place; to make contribution to the society, providing thousands of jobs, enthusiastic the building in the town, charity, donate etc., fully embodies the social responsibility of the Haida. Haida and firmly believe that under the leadership of Xu Dong, will create more brilliant!