The national Ministry of science and technology leaders visited Haida

On June 7, at the invitation of the Haida group, Ministry of science and technology of China SME innovation fund management center, torch high technology industry development center, Party Secretary Zhang Lu, leading to Haida study Donghua company "long life of photovoltaic solar frame with light alloy materials" Declaration of "National Torch Plan" project, and East China company development "of new type of electric wheelchair microcomputer control system and design" declared "National Innovation Fund for small and medium enterprises" project.

Haida technology group work report will be hosted by Hua, deputy mayor of the town Yin Zhongxiang, Donghua, general manager of the company Hu Xirong, general manager of the company in East China Shi Pinghua respectively to the leadership report product structure, firm size and product innovation situation, and declaration for products of the project are introduced in detail.

When learned Haida photovoltaic solar frame in the domestic and international influence is very big, the market possession rate is very wide, Party Secretary Zhang very pleased, he said, diversified development of the Haida, is inseparable from the accumulation of scientific and technological strength, is inseparable from the technical team construction and talents cultivation, Haida products can have such influence in the market, indicating the high scientific and technological content of products, quality of service, are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, also confirmed that the "final conversion of scientific and technological achievements is Huimin, the people to accept what is successful, you do very well, have their own characteristics. When the understanding of the electric wheelchair in such a short period of time with research and development achievements, Zhang Secretary to encourage everyone to have their own intellectual property products, the master of the dominant, to actively declare the patent. Secretary Zhang said that the Haida of the correctness of the direction of development, optimizing the development of the industrial clusters must be backed by science and technology, enterprise development is the soul of creativity is the scientific and technological content of products, many patent products, how much of the core technology, which determines the enterprise can grow in size and strength, can not occupy the market.

Deputy general Hu Xirong Group Co., Ltd., said the Haida will continue to increase investment in science and technology, in their industry in the field of further study, development, take the market demand as the foothold, and constantly develop products to meet the people's growing demand for consumer level, patents, in the industry have the right to speak. Next, Donghua companies will also apply for a number of high-tech products firm, the Donghua company to build a high-tech enterprise.

Jiangyin City Science and Technology Bureau deputy director Wang Biao stressed that the Jiangyin is like the Haida of many enterprises, pay attention to the decisive role of the science and technology in the development of enterprises, Jiangyin has been completed processing enterprises to the transformation of manufacturing enterprises, annual patent declaration of the number of ranking first in the County-level City, with more than 100 colleges and universities signed a scientific and technological achievements transfer contract. Science and technology innovation, will lead the successful realization of the curve of Jiangyin enterprises.