The Secretary of municipal Party committee in Haida

May 9, 13, Jiangyin municipal Party committee secretary Ming Yang Zhu and other leaders more than 40 people, in Huashi town Party Secretary Fang Guoliang and other leaders accompanied to inspect the Haida group Comat metal products Co., Ltd.. Haida group Xu Dong, director Zhao, secretary general Yin accompanying Wen kema.

Zhu Minyang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee secretary Zhao Guoquan, deputy mayor Gao Pei to inspect the Haida

Xu Dong told the secretary Zhu briefly introduced three inputs and Kema, galvanized, tin plate broad market at home and abroad. Party secretary of the Haida is Wallace on the surface of the best enterprise, secretary Zhu said Xu Dong is of intense interest, enterprising entrepreneurs.

Jiangyin municipal Party committee secretary Zhu Minyang inspected the water after treatment with Kema

When Xu Dong told Secretary Zhu 1050 tinning line is our own manufacturing installation, Secretary of Zhu of the Haida innovative initiatives and strong technical strength to congratulate. Environmental protection facilities new pointing Xu Dong told Secretary Zhu: "environmental protection and production Haida attaches equal importance, the ocean makes history sinner!" Secretary Zhu leadership of accompanying the thumbs up, praise Xu Dong is vision, awareness of entrepreneurs, and hope that the Haida in the party's "Eleventh Five Year" period, had made rapid development, for building a harmonious society, happy Jiangyin to make more contributions to the!